The stories of old began to rott
There was some people behind it who wanted to feel
But they were vicious and hungry, they wanted to catch
Something that they've just listened but never touched.
An old magician built a dream machine
With great colors melt to old gears and some taut skin
One million children came into it years after years
Millions different colors that disappear

There comes the knight and his holy sword
Down here to cu-ut the thousands feet of the mountain
And on his horse, with a smile, his scar on his eye
He's throwing a kiss to the princess he chose to save…
The most jewish daughter of the Orient King
Promised to the hateful burning dragon, King of his own
So in the tower, she's waiting for the wedding
Becoming as ugly as the pathetic songs she sings.

Human trials are blind
Just melt the dark with the light
Shall we stay right in the line
When our world will be fine?
Dead bodies in the sea
Are the subject we all love
But dead bodies we could see
Are white but maybe not dead enough

Children try to blame their heroes
To believe in stories and tales
And we know they'll let them fall
If they lose, if they fail.
Children try to hurt their heroes
Believe in tales and stories
Now we know they are just foes
An odd commodity.

The Flying Mountain

Once upon a time
Our earth blinded by an eye
In our green park
Flowers wanted to rise
So our feet become
Some statues in a swamp
We all turn to dark
We're plants reducted to damp
Under a flying mountain .

The bald creatures
Sweat on their gears
And sweat up
And sweat up
And sweat up

That's war that we fed up
Now that’s a battle we get
We're hiding now in our plains
Where flies a big mountain.
Cause now we feel sleepy
And ready to see
What happens where all's empty
Where all starts to be...

Some rocks that falls
People that creep
We don't hear their call
The leaves they rip...
And the sky's turning to a black and white rainbow
We're all buried under this brown tooth that grows
And our hears are listening a silent melody
Cause up there on the mount is singing a symphony

Dirty March Of A Weak Giant

This is the first one vibration,
My hair caressed by the sun
My opened eyes between clouds and colors
I'm feeling strong, I'm looking back
In the stomac of the shark
Changing slowly to red sky and blue birds
I don't know how I'm lying here
Hitting the same grass I eat, licking the sweat of my feet
In a strange land I've been thrown in
I can't fall back into sleep because of his dirty beat

I'll hunt you destroyer of the Earth
You biggest man of the land
One day, they won't listen the echo
Of this weak giant nobody wanted to know

My head is now like a hammer
Turning in the same hour
So-o long seconds following the steps
The hurricane tries to call us
Me, Myself and my own words
Cramped between the walls of the way to trust
So both of us, i-inconve-e-enient
He looks as if he's lamenting on his existence here
They all hate him, they want his beat
They want his songs, his desperate dances
To fail right back to the sea.

One day somewhere in the sea
We discovered a giant there
Lai-id down, de-ead and ate by fishes
So if you go over there
Place where any human has gone
Could you cry the tears nobody never done?


The people say there's somewhere in this town
Behind few rocks, some beasts
Who are preaching the divine
But we're a snake ready to harm
We got some chicken in our farms
So until the end and till we bleed
We will fight on and eat their seeds

But there’s something we forget
Those flowers on the floor
These trees that lights us all
This sea, where we're ready to fall
Mirror, mirror, on this clean and great wall
Tell us now what we have done

This is the love story of a colony of rats
All standing near the water, just waiting for a bag
"Flowing along the great river
Covered by God and our spiders,
We're falling down, we're falling quick(ly),
And one by one we'll become sick!
Brothers, believe in our god..
We're some poor ugly angels."

Little City We Live In

Nothing in our world can explain why you're sleeping all day
No one on the Earth could tell i-if you're clearly okay
But no-ow I know why your purple teeth are so long
Rotten by the nonenty of your brain and of your songs
That none of their filthy lyrics could save my opinion
Your window is wide open on my garden
But I'm maybe wrong

Because of scars, your home is breathing cigarette flies
Because of nails, that keeps you sitting down on your sight
Because of lies, your insides a-are as black as white
Because of tails that makes you believing anything

Nothing in your head can grow up from the light of the day
Nothing in the neighbourhood could escape from your gaze
From the color of the screen, seven su-undays per week
You’re looking like a pig even when you’re not too sick
A trickling swine the whole time hidden behind few bricks
Do you understand what I say?
Please old friend, can you read what I think?

Because of scars, your home is breathing cigarette flies
Because of nails, that keeps you sitting down on your sight
Because of lies, your insides a-are as black as white
Because of tails that makes you believing anything
Like the so-called security you bring


This is Monday morning
And I’m feeling fat
My brain is twisting
Few twisted thoughts
Could you stop singing?
Would you stop singing shitty old songs?
I know I can't count on you
But I know it won’t be long

I’ve not the same head
Than yesterday
I was younger
I was more achieved
Humans were not born
To become
Some flat chicken in their row
But they're finally alone

This is sunday midnight
In my car
I'm not too tight
In my clothes
But I'm leaving
Things that become hurting and boring
I'm feeling fat
But now my head feels quiet

Mesopotamia Room

Leaves under their trees
All crushed by some feet
The old people see it
But no one's moving
Thirteen heads are playing
Twenty six hands are touching
Celebrating freedom
Under the eyes of dawn

Cause somewhere, hidden
Behind the grass of the garden
A little plant is suffering
Till the day she'll become green

I don't know why I'm here
I feel my brain flowing
Through my ears
Can see my friends playing
Forgetting me
Don't know what I become
Don't know what I will be

Leaves growing on my skin
I can hear the sound of footsteps
But I can't ask for help
Anyway I'm just able to think
I know I was not a good boy
I know my parents are searching for me
I don't want to see their look
If one day they would look at me

Some children that run
Unconcious heads that smile
If they would know what happens
To those that stay outside too late
One day they'll meet the man
I hear each day and night
But today I'm just afraid for myself
I'm just afraid for myself.


And then you’re dead now
Li-ife is not so happy, don't you?
What kind of reason
May have thrown you in the good hole

You wished a resurection
Don't think anything could happen

A blue sky outside
Ma-ay your soul won't hit some birds
And open the clouds
To find you a place we won't disturb

you wished a resurection
But nothing could really happen

Prick Of Darkness
This happened in a hollow
Children said there was a hole
buried deep in the wall
But there was something inside

That was biting their fingers
And made flowing down their tears
Behind the seeds and the white sheets
Behind the seeds and the white sheets

This is the end of a kind
That's all the sadness you'll find

We've all seen the blood
The children are afraid
Their fear of being ate
Cause there is really something

Yes there is really something
That is ready to defend
It's body that swells up
This ugly corpse that swells up

This is the end of a kind
That's all the sadness you'll find
This is her end, not mine
So would you put it in your mind

Tekikoa, The Love Singer

This is 14:00 PM
Wake up big piece of grease
You have a life to lead
And not in the stinkness of your bed
There are no mails at all
even not on the phone
Maybe I need a coffee
But I prefer clean works

In one hour (at least?)
I'll get some news from
Some wonderful chicks
Hungry of celebrity,Yes it's my job
My back is more painful
Than yesterday and yesterday
That is the price to live
But I'm not dealing with filthy money

You may stay sit down on your sight
I'll show the best pics ever seen
So you'll get your favorite smiles from your screen
You have the color and the sound
What d'you want to be happier now?
I do my best to make love so easier


Do you know who lives here?
Do you know what happens?
You should ask me some questions
About the death that sells

This is evil
This is evil
This is evil
This is evil
This is evil
This is human flesh
They used to clean their floors
With all human race
These aliens and their stores

They would be all working
If they were'nt eating their customers
If you don't believe it, ask them
What kind of men they sell in their rusted shelfs

This is human flesh
They used to clean their floors
With all human race
These aliens and their stores

Breathe Softly

There's no gunshots
Just in my thoughts
I'm not too old
To burn the fold

But you must keep silence
Till I find my senses
Fa-alse or true
That's why I hide you

All's for the best
For me and my guest
We all have stopped dreaming
Of the fear you bring

But you must keep silence
Till I find my senses
Fa-alse or true
That's why I hide you


The udders invaded the herd
And all the fauna said
“Oh that it is rather well”
And then everything has changed
Each son from each family have found
The appropriate female
With the good shape and the right sound

And then our man has left the tree
He found a new happiness with a
New wife, new love, and a new life to shove
Remembering what the old father said

“You’d better come back home
Until the whole world look at you, Seed.
All your family is here and not in (the) blood.”

He built four walls around their heat
And the growing tiredness
“There will so much better days”
Hours to look for solutions
Definitively break the ice
“Should us break or get a new infant
To cocoon before we rise

Recalling the “why”, recalling the “how”
Passing through the glow of the screen
A jungle full of fauna, full of life
From love and smiles to the drama

Low But Sane

It is said that it can breathe despite its size
It’s said that the light could suddenly burn its eyes
All that I know is that there is in someone
Whose care must be taken

A little head appears out (of) the human cocoon
Shiny flowing Heni Lo, glowing like the moon
I saw his hands hiding two unusual eyes
They say he’s bloody but normal
They say he’s sane, he’s low but sane

Strategies In An Usual Day

Platforms over water, over green sea
Been walking the day, escaping home for many weeks
Crossing all those strange (and) filthy people
This so long road to find a reason for being on
Then I found this foundry, stood by the waves
Given up to the dirt which eats it away
Conveyed from the continent to this station
Being in the ocean has nothing fun

Planning strategies to justify
Hiding in the right way, in an usual day
Explaining my presence Oh so far
Maybe I’m simply lost but…it’s not enough

Thinking to the way back, the received a blow
Thrown by a little hand that doesn’t wants to show
A face to strange to stand on a too normal body
“There’s nothing strangest that the beast in front of me”
He was ready to fight, he was ready to swim
But he was not able, to be beaten by a stinking steam
As surely is that he’s becoming a gift to the beast…
He’s dead.

Planning strategies to justify
Hiding in the right way, in an usual day
Explaining my presence Oh so far
Maybe I’m simply lost but…it’s not enough

Brotherhood About Dogs

It was time to take the boat
The wind was strongly blowing the heat
As his feet were beginning to freeze
His limp head brought him in a dream

He heard the rustles of the leader
Dressed in green and floating in the air
Striking him with a stick
Threatening him to tear away his head
Some of us are dangerous ones
Ready to be cruel
We were losing our faces
Rabid dogs in a bird cage

Brotherhood about dogs, in there,
Became the only way for healing
In brotherhood they trusted without
The help from “those who see”

Heni Lo

All the children have what
We call an imaginary friend
Who help them to move on, becoming
Beautiful and to please
I know that you do not like
Your body nor your head
But I can give the second chance
About which you dreamed

If you have difficulty in walking,
I can help you to fly
To escape the human laws,
So absurd for both
I could give you a smile
Till the end of your life
You will leave only to eat
Those that accuse

Isn’t I fun
Becoming something sweety
Your heart’s changing
In what you saw, Heni Lo
Terrifying insect
Eating every part of your head
Eating Heni Lo, eating Heni Lo

With An Other Head

Instead of leaving a wicked piece of world
Seed decided to face and to shout (in) that war
But he felt on his back
He saw that wife, standing in the dark
This face that calls him, is not the one he knew
She said

“Talking about problems, thinking about solutions
I decided to take myself that fate
I’ve changed my head today
I was sure this was the one you loved
I’m suffering at every corner
But this is now the war is cleared and done

Slowly walking to him, a mouth full of teeth
Still talking to please, melting tears in breathing
Then she talked about their monster child hidden in the dark
“That world has become mad since your day of leaving

Talking about problems, thinking about solutions
Let’s decide to take ourselves our fate
I’ve changed my head today, has you’ll change yours to know
How we feel like animals
As hairy, dirty, selfish animals

Family House

Dark hours slowly walking like zombies that doesn’t like me
Sat down since so many months
Looking at that grease that flows from her…
But I always had (an) opportunity to choke,
Always a moment to hang, always a moment to break
Her so unformed carnal coil
And never take
Any time to get stronger that the hairy tramp I am
Any string to revenge the little one
To get back the… Hush!

(Since) I’ve never met my own son
Hidden somewhere under the roof
Something has come in there since all these years
But where shall we go, and when shall we shine over lies
I’ll stand, I’ll stand here for my pride

Then he never found his son,
But he still crossed some of his tracks
In the bend of the corridors
“He’s alive, he’s alive, he’s hungry but alive”…

Heni, I’ll find some way to give me to
This hunger you cry, resonant in here
Over us, I’ll be eaten by you my son

This hunger you cry, resonant in there
I’ll be eaten by you my son